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Rock Paper Scissors Materials Kit

Rock Paper Scissors Materials Kit

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About Taylor Saleem

My journey into jewelry making began at a bead store in 2001.  I was drawn in by the colorful hanks of Czech glass and seed beads strung from wall to wall; it was like a Siren’s song. They were looking for someone to assist customers with designs and choosing beads. I assured them I could do this, but I didn’t even know what a crimp bead was (of course  I didn’t tell the manager this). I learned from the customers, studied magazines, watched videos, and practiced crimping beads and tying knots until my fingers could operate without my mind realizing what was happening. And my desire to create jewelry only grew stronger throughout the years - I transitioned from stringing beads, to sawing copper; from wrapping wire to melting silver; to casting organics and setting diamonds in gold. I was featured in Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine, Easy Wire Magazine, and ArtJewelry Magazine.

Today, I’m an artist. I used to chuckle when people would ask “What do you do for a living?”, but I’ve embraced the song that led me into Bead-It all those years ago. I create art for people to wear, and I tell my story in silver and gold. I’m inspired by the resilience and imperfections of wildflowers, and the soaring freedom of the birds. I want to share my story with others, and to assist them on their journey of discovery as their voice, too, is build from silver and gold. And by the joy of my children, Naomi and William; they’re two of the best cheerleaders a person could ask for.

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