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In-Person Coaching with Francesca

In-Person Coaching with Francesca

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Schedule one to three hour blocks of time with Francesca in our Texas studio to explore specific techniques, work through a particular design or fabrication challenge, or learn how to operate new equipment. The time is yours: you’ll get 100% of her time during your session.

  • Purchase one to three hour blocks of time here on the website. After checkout, you’ll be provided with a link to a questionnaire where you can submit information about the topic(s) you’d like to discuss.
  • Francesca will review the information you provide and come up with a plan of attack and some available dates for your session. She may send you homework! If she does, it’s important for you to complete any assigned tasks and/or answer any questions she may have before your session.
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    Consultation policies

    Francesca doesn’t pretend to know “all the things” so there will be topics and techniques she won’t be able to help you with. If she decides there are better options for your situation or area of inquiry, you’ll receive a complete refund of your consultation registration and her recommendations for other resources.

    Sessions must be booked with at least two days notice, so Francesca has sufficient time to prepare, and may be booked as far out as four weeks.


    If you cancel your session within 24 hours of scheduling it, you’ll receive a complete refund. After 24 hours, Francesca has begun research and preparation and cancelled sessions will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given for sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.