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Bench Notes: A Journey with Journals and Erin Harris!

Bench Notes: A Journey with Journals and Erin Harris!

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This workshop is being held live and in-person
at our Texas studio!

Are you a lover of paper and journals? Can you be trusted unsupervised in an office supply store? (We can't.) If you love the idea of having a special journal for your bench or your computer bag or your desk ... this workshop may be for you!

You're invited to join Erin Harris, the Sentimenal Metalsmith, in a three day journey through the process of making a reusable journal. (Yes, we said REUSABLE!) We'll start with learning about how to etch a variety of metals to create decorative components for our covers, including how to transfer images from paper to metal. We'll combine our metal elements with leather and decorative papers to construct sturdy journal covers using a combination of metalsmithing and bookmaking skills, including a version of the Secret Belgian binding process, but with a twist! Instead of creating fixed pages inside our journals (called signatures), we'll create an interior capable of accepting multiple pre-made soft-cover booklets - so when you fill one up, you can remove and replace it without having to "retire" your personalized cover.

This workshop is open to makers of every level and discipline - no prior metalsmithing or bookbinding experience is required, although experienced makers will learn lots of new skills to add to their creative toolbox. As an added bonus, the entire class will be recorded and you'll get 30 days access to the same videos our online participants will get... at no additional cost!

Absolutely everything necessary to complete the project is provided in this workshop – all tools, materials, and equipment! A few weeks before the workshop, we'll reach out with instructions about what to do if you have specific imagery you want to include in your journal. Bring a pen and notebook for note-taking and eye magnification if required, but otherwise just come and have fun!

Information about taking workshops with us
can be found at this link.

Workshop fee (non-taxable): $525
Materials fee (taxable): $75
(taxable and payable in the workshop)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
June 14, 15 & 16, 2024
9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily

Note: We recommend bringing your own eye magnification to help you see as clearly as possible while working. Because these needs are so personal, it's impossible for us to have the right thing on hand for every student. Need help with this? Call the studio or send us an email!

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About Erin Harris

We are kindred spirits.

I know that you have a huge heart and tend to put others first. As a result, you bear a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Easily overwhelmed by emotion, even the smallest decisions (what to make for dinner!) can seem impossible.

Your head is filled with a million different things: to do lists, appointments, paperwork, “shoulds” and “have tos”

You want to live life with intention. You want to stay connected to the people and memories that matter most to you. But with so much distraction it’s easy to lose track of what’s truly important: The memories that make you feel warm and loved. The mantras that help you stay present, and the intentions you have for the future.

Here’s where I can help. Hi, I’m erin, and I’m a sentimental metalsmith. I’m all about the meaning and sentiment of jewelry. I make everything by hand and heart and with YOU in mind. I can help you stay connected to those intangible things that are SO important, because they are the very things that make us who we are.

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