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Rock + Paper + Scissors with Taylor Saleem!

Rock + Paper + Scissors with Taylor Saleem!

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We've rescheduled this workshop for May 18 & 19, due to the emergency declarations issued by local authorities in connection with the total eclipse on April 8th. Please note the new dates!

This workshop is being held live and in-person
at our Texas studio!

We're excited to be welcoming Taylor Saleem back to the studio for a fun, out-of-the-box foray into alternative materials! Over two days, Taylor will help us transform decorative papers, shrink material, dried flowers, and even simple colored pencil drawings into jewelry-worthy components. Then she'll show us creative ways of capturing these unusual elements to turn them into wearable art. Even if you are a confirmed rock-lover, you won't want to miss the opportunity to learn more about these fun alternatives for adding color, form, and unique imagery to your work!

This workshop is open to makers of every level, although some prior metal fabrication experience will help students to get the most out of the capture options. Adventurous beginners are welcome and experienced jewelry makers will definitely want to add these techniques to their maker arsenal. As an added bonus, the entire class will be recorded and you'll get 30 days access to the same videos our online participants will get... at no additional cost!

Absolutely everything necessary to complete the project is provided in this workshop – all tools, materials, and equipment! Bring a pen and notebook for note-taking and eye magnification if required, but otherwise just come and have fun!

Information about taking workshops with us
can be found at this link.

Workshop fee (non-taxable): $385
Materials fee (taxable): $65
(taxable and payable in the workshop)

Saturday and Sunday
May 18 & 19, 2024 (NOTE: NEW DATES!)
9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily

Note: We recommend bringing your own eye magnification to help you see as clearly as possible while working. Because these needs are so personal, it's impossible for us to have the right thing on hand for every student. Need help with this? Call the studio or send us an email!

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About Taylor Saleem

My journey into jewelry making began at a bead store in 2001.  I was drawn in by the colorful hanks of Czech glass and seed beads strung from wall to wall; it was like a Siren’s song. They were looking for someone to assist customers with designs and choosing beads. I assured them I could do this, but I didn’t even know what a crimp bead was (of course  I didn’t tell the manager this). I learned from the customers, studied magazines, watched videos, and practiced crimping beads and tying knots until my fingers could operate without my mind realizing what was happening. And my desire to create jewelry only grew stronger throughout the years - I transitioned from stringing beads, to sawing copper; from wrapping wire to melting silver; to casting organics and setting diamonds in gold. I was featured in Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine, Easy Wire Magazine, and ArtJewelry Magazine.

Today, I’m an artist. I used to chuckle when people would ask “What do you do for a living?”, but I’ve embraced the song that led me into Bead-It all those years ago. I create art for people to wear, and I tell my story in silver and gold. I’m inspired by the resilience and imperfections of wildflowers, and the soaring freedom of the birds. I want to share my story with others, and to assist them on their journey of discovery as their voice, too, is build from silver and gold. And by the joy of my children, Naomi and William; they’re two of the best cheerleaders a person could ask for.

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