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Creative Metal Forming Basics with Cynthia Eid!

Creative Metal Forming Basics with Cynthia Eid!

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Did you know forming metal makes it stronger? Did you know you can create complex dimensional forms from a single flat sheet of metal... with no soldering? We are thrilled to be welcoming Cynthia Eid to a live virtual workshop in our studio. Cynthia literally co-wrote the book Creative Metal Forming and is offering a unique opportunity to learn the foundational skills necessary to move metal into three dimensions. 

Over two days, we'll learn about synclastic and anticlastic forms, how to hammer comfortably and with control, and how to transform flat pieces of metal into fluid, sinuous forms. These forms can be translated to brooches, bracelets, collars, bowls and more. And although we'll be working on a jewelry scale for this workshop, all of these techniques can be applied to larger forms and sculpture.

Please note: This is a unique hybrid workshop! Cynthia will be teaching live but remotely from her home studio; in-studio students will be observing her demonstrations on our large screen and we'll have cameras set up so you can show her your work, ask questions, and get assistance. We'll have all the necessary stakes, hammers, and materials here for you to use, and Francesca will be available to act as TA for hands-on assistance. (Would you prefer to participate from your own studio? You can register for one of our online seats here!) After each demonstration, you will have the choice of working on practice samples or towards a more finished piece.

Some experience using hand tools, files, and a jewelers saw is required, and you should be comfortable using a torch to anneal metal, but this workshop is otherwise suitable for beginners. (Concerned about this? Call the studio or send us an email!) Absolutely everything necessary to participate is provided in this workshop – all tools, materials, and equipment! Bring a pen and notebook for note-taking and eye magnification if required, but otherwise just come and have fun! 

Information about taking workshops with us
can be found at this link.

Saturday and Sunday
March 25 & 26, 2023

9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily

Workshop fee (non-taxable): $390

Materials fee: $95
(taxable and payable in the workshop)
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About Cythia Eid

Whether using hammers or a hydraulic press, Cynthia’s sculptural jewelry and hollowware shows her focus on exploring the fluidity with which metal can be formed and joined. Cynthia co-authored the book Creative Metal Forming with Betty Helen Longhi. Having worked with Argentium Silver since 1999, Eid’s participation in the development of AS has brought her recognition as a Pioneer by Argentium International, Ltd. Lee Marshall dubbed Cynthia Eid "Godmother of the Knew Concept Saws" since it was her idea for him to produce these saws for jewelers.

With an MFA in Jewelry, Design, and Silversmithing, she has previously worked as a bench jeweler for fine goldsmiths, and as a model-maker in a gold jewelry factory. Her work is in museums in the US and UK. Currently an independent metalsmith and educator, she has taught workshops in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

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