Nick Watson comes from a long line of military service members going all the way back to the Revolutionary War (the winning side). He retired from the Marine Corps as a highly decorated Chief Warrant Officer, with service awards including the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for Valor.

In the late 1990’s, he began dabbling in painting, using mostly paints and other items found at the local hardware store. After a more than ten year hiatus, he began painting in earnest in 2013 and in late 2014, took it up as a full-time vocation following his final retirement from government service. He has graduated from using hardware store cast-offs and works primarily on wood panels with acrylic paints, inks, and mediums. He is exploring an interest in mixed media, and recently began experimenting with reactive metal paints, collage, and found objects. He is heavily influenced by a love of nature and the water, having been an avid surfer for more than 30 years, and the culturally diverse experiences of his many years traveling the world.

Nick and his wife Francesca are co-owners of The Makery, where Nick maintains his studio (aka “The Lab”) and helps out by providing the plucky comic relief at every opportunity. Together, they live on a little over an acre of beautiful Texas dirt with a flock of chickens, one dog, a garden, and assorted wildlife. Whenever possible, Nick enjoys listening to classic rock and blues music, preferably at top volume. Nick’s work can be seen on his website, his Facebook page, or in person at The Makery shop.

Nick Watson Acrylic Artist

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